Striepe Food How is it going! We have learned amazing things about our behavior and how this relates to our food you can have this something relevant with the follow-up to our diet, the current state of our body weight and the way in which we eat? Of course. And this is so important that it impacts directly on the way in which we look at in the mirror! When you look at in the mirror, you think? Que miras front of you? Do you look with pleasure or displeasure? I must say that, according to studies of Heatherton, Striepe and Wittenberg (1998) when that picture you see and feel when you look in the mirror will help you maintain, truncate or simply abandon a dietary regime, since they present difficulties of self-regulation in food. It's that important. An explosive mix is precisely, anxiety and low self-esteem that will generate you one on intake. Get all the facts and insights with Cindy Crawford, another great source of information. Becoming a vicious circle. Beyond this, to decrease anxiety, you look food and it will be one that cause you pleasure. As we explain this. The escape you are looking for your mind to distract you from the anxiety and negative self-esteem, you will momentarily take to eat, forgetting these emotions. If your self-esteem is not at its best, no matter what type of food is neither flavor that this has, you'll still eat the same amount and even more, if these anxious. But remember, that this food does not improve your self-esteem, to the contrary. There are studies that indicate that when you are under these negative emotions related to self image or self esteem you looked outputs to the anxiety through the breaking of the diet. However, as a defense mechanism, and...
Game Phases GLOBAL Technical Analysis: patterns or similar tasks with the party (but 6 vs 6) COMPETITIVE: Progress. (Inside the Global) Sets Training: a) Complexes of game: a game phase: K1 - K2 b) real game changed on the actual game variants (Scoring systems, external power, etc.) C) Set of control: keep the ball in play point avoiding the closure of analytic and synthetic methods should be maintained to compensate for individual shortcomings. Insert from the start in the whole game. "Differentiate between the overall exercise and play" considerations to keep in mind: No trend prioritize analytical methods with emphasis on teaching technique, and instead present a teaching model in which the simplified technique allows the development of tactical thinking. Encouraging from the start contact with the ball. Brief explanations and easy to understand. Stimuli similar to the game. Students should focus their learning in the game, not the methodology. That proposed are participatory games and fun. The sequence of events and their duration. What teaching methods to use are mostly synthetic and global. Aspects and features VOLLEYBALL (LOGIC) Sports rebounds. Important Organization technical movements of players. Balance on the court. Imbalance little positive feedback "attack and defense. Everyone must occupy different positions and be equally adept at all phases of the game. Transition game, they must train the rapid passage from offense to defense and the defense limited opportunity to attack the player by position in the field (defenders or forwards) Techniques and unique play areas, blow low hands, the rolidos and play at floor level are examples of techniques and scenarios used only in volleyball.

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