Game Phases GLOBAL Technical Analysis: patterns or similar tasks with the party (but 6 vs 6) COMPETITIVE: Progress. (Inside the Global) Sets Training: a) Complexes of game: a game phase: K1 - K2 b) real game changed on the actual game variants (Scoring systems, external power, etc.) C) Set of control: keep the ball in play point avoiding the closure of analytic and synthetic methods should be maintained to compensate for individual shortcomings. Insert from the start in the whole game. "Differentiate between the overall exercise and play" considerations to keep in mind: No trend prioritize analytical methods with emphasis on teaching technique, and instead present a teaching model in which the simplified technique allows the development of tactical thinking. Encouraging from the start contact with the ball. Brief explanations and easy to understand. Stimuli similar to the game. Students should focus their learning in the game, not the methodology. That proposed are participatory games and fun. The sequence of events and their duration. What teaching methods to use are mostly synthetic and global. Aspects and features VOLLEYBALL (LOGIC) Sports rebounds. Important Organization technical movements of players. Balance on the court. Imbalance little positive feedback "attack and defense. Everyone must occupy different positions and be equally adept at all phases of the game. Transition game, they must train the rapid passage from offense to defense and the defense limited opportunity to attack the player by position in the field (defenders or forwards) Techniques and unique play areas, blow low hands, the rolidos and play at floor level are examples of techniques and scenarios used only in volleyball.
Fireretardant Paint GCP The introduction on the market today there are plenty of flame retardants to metal. Some of them - distending, others - such as 'plaster' (create thermal protection due to the thickness of the layer). Intumescent (distending) paints at high temperature increase in volume (expansion coefficient of paint can be up to several thousand). Vspuchivayas, they form a porous foam, which heat-insulated metal structure, but also absorbs heat during swelling. Click Mark Fields for additional related pages. Passive paint (not distending) creates heat shield only at the expense of the thickness of its layer. The main parameters of the GCP-45 GCP-45 Paint is a water-dispersed fire-retardant composition. The paint is made on the basis of polyvinyl acetate dispersions, fillers and pigments, as well as various additives. Paint GCP-45 is designed for use on metalwork and cables. Paint GCP-45 - white. The main advantage of paint - a relatively low consumption per unit of cultivated area. Also very important point is that the paint can be applied to previously painted surfaces, making it useful in carrying out repair and rehabilitation works. Paint GCP-45 can be applied in nuclear power plants. The paint is designed for use on metal and cables, which are both outdoors (under cover), and indoors. Fire-retardant properties of paints. Paint GCP-45 is capable of providing fire-resistance rating of 30 to 90 minutes (depending on the applied layer). When applied to beam cable paint provides fire-resistance cable, category A. Method of application before applying paint GCP-45 to be mixed thoroughly. If necessary, acceptable dilution water the amount of 5% by weight. Do not apply paint in sub-zero temperatures and when exposed to atmospheric precipitation. Paint application possible mechanically (by air and airless), manually (Brush or roller). When applying the composition must comply with safety regulations. Apply UGC-45 need to pre-clean...

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