Pregnancy Pregnancy the Woman is the great one chosen to generate in its womb a so defenseless being that to the few it goes conquering all to its redor. But what it would be of the woman without its partner? It swims. She is necessary if to have a relationship, almost always, affectionate so that this BEING comes to the world with much Amor. an only moment when this act is planned and a moment surpreso when it happens unexpectedly. Of one it forms or of another one all around start to have more responsibility and duties. It has a great movement in the emotional field and all start to have a new status. Who age son now starts to be father, mother, who age mother and father now passes to be grandmother and grandfather. The Relationship of the couple demands much caution and understanding on the part of the two and all. The transformation in the body of the woman starts in the same way that one will be unclasps You tries to enxergar the growth of the belly, but everything happens as a magician pass. To be pregnant is a state of grace, it does not have prettier and emotive thing for a woman who dreams so of the day of the birth of this son ingenuous. To observe the development through the belly automatically starts to be a very common thing and. The Affection slides constantly through the hands on the belly. To have a son nowadays requires a great responsibility very ahead of what we want to offer for the new generation. The scale of the fondness and not wanting will be always oscillating of a side for the other. Unhappyly the world goes to weigh more for the weak side of the bad things. At this...
Hormone Prolactin In addition, food components of colostrum in composition close to the tissues of newborn and easily digested by his body. Artificial same mix, even well balanced, inhibit the natural gut flora. A huge advantage of breast and the absolute sterility of breast milk. From a practical point of view, breastfeeding saves time and effort as you do not need to wash and sterilize bottles, nipples and buy formula milk, which is also important. Sucking breasts is very helpful to the child, as ctimuliruet development of his teeth and jaw, causing largely depends on how you may seem a strange development of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, breastfeeding a baby can suck as much as he wants. Some women believe that breast- breastfeeding helps to restore the figure and helps to ensure that quickly enter into the rate of pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy the breast is greatly increased, sometimes it becomes painful and sensitive. This is due to the increase in hormonal activity, which increases the size of glandular lobules where breast milk is produced later. In the first two or three days after giving birth a woman starts to separate colostrum. A few drops of colostrum, the child can suck immediately after birth. These first drops of breast milk have miraculous properties, besides it is a signal the brain to the mother that needed milk production. Hormone Prolactin stimulates milk production in the mammary glands of the mother. Between the needs of the child in the milk and the process of lactation in the mother there is a subtle interaction: the more the child sucks the milk, the greater its arrives.

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