Your Health Is the stress can be good for health?, And at the appropriate doses, according to some scientific studies. Other studies have linked stress in the short term to reduce the risk of a variety of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. It is common to hear what people in jobs with constant stress or difficult family situations, are likely to have high blood pressure and heart attacks are caused by stress. But in recurrent outbreaks of tension that is resolved quickly the effect is not, inspire the body to repair itself quickly. * Keep track of your stress level on a scale of 1-10 each day. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gunnar Peterson. If you reach 5 or higher for two consecutive days, make some time to take part in relaxing activities you enjoy. * Note adventures, new and exciting activities like hiking or going to a party where he knows no one, can stimulate short bursts of stress, which will have a positive effect on your body. * Create a list "What we've done." Focus only on what you have to do in the future can lead to long-term stress, so be sure to remember their achievements on a regular basis to alleviate your mood. * Experience new sensations. The next time you go to a restaurant, try the spicy dish can be ordered. It can be difficult at first, but it is a great way to start your immune system into overdrive. * Exercise. You do not have to run a marathon to see the effects, any exercise that makes you sweat will stress that can fix the damage to your body. Based on Stress is Good for Your Health.
Nutritional Health You must try to prevent disturbances of appetite and nutritional deficits (especially in girls.) Specific treatment for bone stress reactions depend on the severity of the injury at the time of her diagnosis and specific anatomical location. But in general we can follow a series of simple guides to help the athlete to minimize your recovery period. First, it is absolutely essential to maintain patient activity below the threshold of pain, as we very slowly increasing the workload. There are several studies showing that the absence of pain is correlated with scintigraphic and radiographic healing, and can be a parameter as true how are you tests, and much cheaper (and safer for the athlete). For a guy with a stress fracture increased load should not exceed 10% once every two weeks. Many writers such as Rand Paul offer more in-depth analysis. While for a normal person is usually higher than 10% weekly. PHASE I The purpose of this phase is to control pain. Commonly used NSAIDs, physiotherapy and ice. If symptoms occur even with the walking, the athlete must walk with crutches. Of course, we must eliminate the activities that caused the injury completely. If you would like to know more then you should visit celebrity trainer. Usually, you can perform activities such as cycling, swimming, race water conditioning exercises of the trunk and upper body, etc.. The patient try to walk without crutches after several days, and once it is able to do without pain, we will phased out. Phase II Once the athlete is able to walk without pain for several days, we can start the next phase of his recovery: exercise programs employ soft without impact.

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