Neurotics A neurotic person is, simply, a person who suffers. That she undergoes much. The concept neurosis is synonymous of excessive emotional pain, with the corresponding psicoconductuales sequels. These sequels can be of many types (anxieties, phobias, depression, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, addictions, obsessions, fear, problems of personality, etc.), but, generally, all of them share a same nature, a single meaning. Which are these? What is the neurosis and how it is cured? From a psicodinmico approach, we can see the neurosis from many angles and, therefore, to define it of several ways. For example, we can say that: 1) The neurosis is a conflict. Certainly, one is the result of a conflict, generally unconscious, between the feelings that the subject really feels but it does not dare to admit and to show (P. ex. , pain, wrath, fear, blame, attachment, autodesprecio, etc.) and the feelings/conducts that are created forced, by the received education and/or the social exigencies, a to express. From this contradiction, from this shock, " arises a mask habitually; intermedia" , a feeling/conduct more or less deformed, to which we called symptom. A set of symptoms receives the name of " trastorno". 2) The neurosis is a blockade. As a result of the previous conflict and its derived symptoms, the person cannot flow and adapt with facility to the reality, " atasca" , she fails here and there (even, social work, relations, projects, happiness, etc.), undergoes much by all this. Like result, their symptoms are red-supply and perpetuated. 3) The neurosis is a defense. Against what? Indeed against its more secret and unbearable pains: its repressed lack of affection, its traumas, their fears, their feelings, their lost childhood for always, its responsibility to become position of itself /a, etc. 4) The neurosis is a strategy. Paradoxicalally, the neurotic symptoms also...
Israel Success So many people do not even think about the importance in their lives of what they think. But our thoughts - it's all over the top. What we think, sooner or later. When you need to solve a specific problem, you start over her thinking. You think about it until then, until you find the answer. Begin to meditate on the positive things about what you want to have in your life. Think about the success, not defeat, achieve success through your mind. Unable to get success in life and business, if you constantly think about losing. Unable to get rich by thinking about poverty. Just need to draw a picture in your mind for success and constantly thinking about it. We must learn think in terms of success. No matter how your situation is now the case, if you learn to look at things from a position of success you will achieve it. Look into the future and see himself as a successful man, think of yourself as successful man. Achieve success in their own backyard, thinking the categories of success. You know, the Bible is an interesting and very instructive story. When Moses deduced the people of Israel from Egypt, had to go and inspect the land which they promised to God. Was sent 12 men to explore this land. God called this land, a land flowing with milk and honey, that is, it was abundant land. And indeed, they made sure of yourself when looked at this land and fruit that grew on this land. They cut the grapes, but it was so big that carried her on a pole two people.

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