Universal Consciousness If something happens that I do not like, I do not get hooked on the problem, but I try to channel it to return to the path of the friendliness and harmony. The different levels of consciousness are manifested in different contexts in which we are at any given time, but I've also noticed that if consciously, compared to behavior resulting from a lower level of consciousness, from someone we interact, react with a higher level of consciousness, that person often encouraged in this level, entering a more harmonious level, generating synergy in this sense. For example, if the car driving to get someone on our side is desperately trying to pass (red meme), we stop and politely, with sincerity and fairness, we give you step (green meme), it often happens that later, he gave him step to another person. I learned that the values, rather than speech or taxation, are learned by the energy radiating from whom the practice and in tune with the same type of energy that already exists in every human being. For this type of communication, some have to face stronger than others, generated by our conditioning throughout life that construct our personality, get rid of these constraints, unlearn, Tere which seeks transcendence. I know that El Camino, is infinite, that never ends, that the Universal Consciousness of which we are a manifestation, is always moving and evolving, that whatever is achieved or any thing that will fail, should be viewed with equanimity, without boasting and without suffer, simply assimilating learning to continue to acquire wisdom, for my actions always choosing the best option my level of consciousness that allows me to perform.
Neurotics A neurotic person is, simply, a person who suffers. That she undergoes much. The concept neurosis is synonymous of excessive emotional pain, with the corresponding psicoconductuales sequels. These sequels can be of many types (anxieties, phobias, depression, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, addictions, obsessions, fear, problems of personality, etc.), but, generally, all of them share a same nature, a single meaning. Which are these? What is the neurosis and how it is cured? From a psicodinmico approach, we can see the neurosis from many angles and, therefore, to define it of several ways. For example, we can say that: 1) The neurosis is a conflict. Certainly, one is the result of a conflict, generally unconscious, between the feelings that the subject really feels but it does not dare to admit and to show (P. ex. , pain, wrath, fear, blame, attachment, autodesprecio, etc.) and the feelings/conducts that are created forced, by the received education and/or the social exigencies, a to express. From this contradiction, from this shock, " arises a mask habitually; intermedia" , a feeling/conduct more or less deformed, to which we called symptom. A set of symptoms receives the name of " trastorno". 2) The neurosis is a blockade. As a result of the previous conflict and its derived symptoms, the person cannot flow and adapt with facility to the reality, " atasca" , she fails here and there (even, social work, relations, projects, happiness, etc.), undergoes much by all this. Like result, their symptoms are red-supply and perpetuated. 3) The neurosis is a defense. Against what? Indeed against its more secret and unbearable pains: its repressed lack of affection, its traumas, their fears, their feelings, their lost childhood for always, its responsibility to become position of itself /a, etc. 4) The neurosis is a strategy. Paradoxicalally, the neurotic symptoms also...

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